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a young instrument, with unmistakable sounds!

Hanpan was founded in 2000 in Bern under the name Hang from the hands of two artisans, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schaer. as a processing of the Steel Drum,the Caribbean percussion made through the processing of 55-gallon oil cans.

It is composed of two special steel shells bombed: on the upper one through a particular “hammer” processing are obtained vibrating areas – from 8 to 12 – that properly tuned, produce the notes depending on the scale while on the lower one is made a wide hole that allows the sound to come out.

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440Hz O 432Hz?
Brain chakra or chakra of feeling?

The frequency of the reference note for the tuning of musical instruments, in Italy, is established by a law, the No. 170 of 1989, which sets the normalization of the basic intonation of musical instruments. This normalization established that the reference sound for the basic intonation of musical instruments was the note LA3, the height of which was to match the frequency of 440 Hz, measured at room temperature of 20 degrees centigrade.

There is a movement of opinion close to the eastern disciplines that prefers the tuning of the LA3 to 432 Hz, which stimulates the chakra of the heart, of feeling. Frequency that is in harmony with that of the earth and the body, which balances the sound sensations and makes the body and soul vibrate at the same time.

handpans and all rammerdrum tools can be, on request,
tuned to 432Hz
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