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Steel, expert hands and a lot of patience.
this is for creating a harmonic drum!
The story begins in 2012, when in an iron processing workshop, you start to hand-beat metal sheets to curve them, cut to form slats that vibrate, throw themselves into the fire to harden them. The first harmonic drum was born and rammerdrumwas born at the same time.
Marco Tirino, percussion musician, after work, decides to start a new adventure: the construction of harmonic metal drums. He thus combines his two passions: the metalworking, which had been transmitted to him by his father, and the passion for music he shares with his brothers, all craftsmen and all musicians.
Rammerdrum instruments can be played easily by holding them on your lap or on a standard snare stand. You can play them with your fingers or, at will, with beats of various types. The sound they produce are delicate and enveloping, embellished with a natural chorus effect due to the metallic resonances of the different parts of the different instruments. Suitable for both solo percussionists and those who work in groups, street and theatre musicians.
Standard 8 and 9 notes or custom

In 2018 the company begins the production of The Handpan following the classic artisan tradition and makes handpans at 9 and 12 notes, with a 440Hz tuning or, on demand, at 432Hz. Make 8, 9- to 12-note, and on-demand models in both the number of notes and the scale.

18, 15, 12 and 9 inches

The total craftsmanship in creating them, the passion and the commitment to do things, makes them unique, and gives them that specific sonority that distinguishes them. It is not easy to describe on paper the beautiful Rammerdrum,the hand-crafted steel harmonic drums that surprise for the color of the sound, for its delicate strength and for the value of the finish. These instruments, which are born in the Neapolitan laboratory of Marco Tirino, resemble a drawing and the levity of a poem. The stamp with which they express themselves is not far from that of the steel drum: with which, however, they constitute an important evolution, both stylistically and from an exquisitely musical point of view.

An ancient tool reinvented

Kalimba is an ancient African percussion instrument, consisting of a variable number of wooden or metal slats, originally applied to a box or pumpkin that act as a sounding board.

The kalimba rammerdrum is entirely made of stainless steel, with the slats applied to a metal dome, the sounding board.

Rhythm is the soul of life. The whole universe revolves around the rhythm. Everything and every human action revolves around the rhythm.
(Babatunde Olatunji)

440hZ O 432HZ?
Brain chakra or chakra of feeling?

The frequency of the reference note for the tuning of musical instruments, in Italy, is established by a law, the No. 170 of 1989, which sets the normalization of the basic intonation of musical instruments. This normalization established that the reference sound for the basic intonation of musical instruments was the note LA3, the height of which was to match the frequency of 440 Hz, measured at room temperature of 20 degrees centigrade.

There is a movement of opinion close to the eastern disciplines that prefers the tuning of the LA3 to 432 Hz, which stimulates the chakra of the heart, of feeling. Frequency that is in harmony with that of the earth and the body, which balances the sound sensations and makes the body and soul vibrate at the same time.

all rammerdrum instruments can be, on request,
tuned to 432Hz