Harmonic disc 15"
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Harmonic disc 15”


Fully handmade steel disc with burnished finish, available in 7 different scales
Case included.

Available scales:
E Romantic E3 A B C E F# GA B C E F#
Tarzanelli D3 A A# C D D# F# G A C D F#
D Minor D3 A A# C D E F G A A# C D
Akebono D3 G A A# D D# G A A# D D# G
Mixolydian G3 C D E F G A A# C D E F
Banschiki-Cho C3 G A# C D# F G A# C D# F G
Pentatonic in F C3 F G A C D F G A C D F

Peso 4.5 kg
Dimensioni 38 × 38 × 12 cm


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